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To ensure the freshest and most delicious meal with the smallest carbon footprint possible, we source what we can't grow, raise, or cook on site from local farms, ranches, and kitchens from around the state of Montana. Learn more about our valued producers and providers from the map and list below.

Broken Willow Bison Ranch - White Sulphur Springs, Montana

Broken Willow Bison Ranch is a family owned business located in the Little Belt Mountains in central Montana. They take pride in the animals they raise, feeding them native pasture grasses and hay. They offer only pure natural wholesome meat animals and do not use growth hormones, stimulants or any other chemicals.

We serve their bison burgers at our 50 Mile Grill.

Hot Mama's Salsa - Bozeman, Montana

The brand was born out of a passion for cooking and creativity, and authentic Mexican cooking. As a girl, Hot Mama learned to cook from her madre who taught her the family multi-generational recipes she makes today, using the freshest, local organic ingredients the season allows.

Hot Mama’s Salsa is served with all of our Norris Mex snack bar menu items.

Trevino's Tortillas - Billings, Montana

Trevino's Tortillas was started in November of 2003 in the deli at Van's State Avenue IGA, where Chris and his son, Brady, rolled out tortillas by hand. The first weekend they sold 32 packages and mostly due to word-of-mouth advertising, and have grown consistently from there.

Trevino's tortillas are found in our quesadillas and burritos, available year-round at the snack bar.

Sabo Ranch Grass-fed Beef - Harrison, Montana

Sabo Ranch, owned by Mark and Jenny Sabo and their young sons Riley and Kiril, in Harrison, MT, is committed to managing the land sustainably, keeping land and animals healthy for future generations. They manage their ranch lands and animals following organic principles, and give their cattle Helfter free-choice minerals for premium livestock health, and nutrient dense meats.

Sabos have supplied our grass-fed beef burgers served at the 50 Mile Grill, fresh ground beef for our burritos, quesadillas, tacos and super nachos, and the sirloin cubes for our chili since we began serving food in 2005.

Amaltheia Farms - Belgrade, Montana

Melvyn and Sue Brown started Amaltheia Dairy on Thanksgiving day 2000, in Belgrade, MT, and boast three American Cheese Society Competition Award-winning cheeses. The name Amaltheia refers to the goat that nursed Zeus. Zeus became king of the gods, and awarded Amaltheia by putting her image in the sky as the constellation Capricorn.

We’re thrilled to serve Amaltheia fresh goat cheese at the Water of the Gods. It’s a delicious addition to our beet, spinach and quinoa salads during the summer and often offer it on our organic pizzas in every season.

On The Rise Bakery - Bozeman, Montana

On the Rise Bakery has been passionate about creating artisan breads in Bozeman since 1997. All of their bread is naturally leavened with a desem starter they lovingly call Mother. All of the flours and grains for their naturally leavened loaves are organic. They even stone grind their organic whole grains in-house.

On The Rise supplies us with all of our burger buns, and wheat toast served with the Hummus plate.

Bob's Place - Virginia City, Montana

Bob's Place is a Virginia City staple, known for turning out some of the best pizzas in Southwest Montana.

Bob's Place supplies us with pre-made crusts for all of our house-made pizzas, as well as the meat and cheese pizzas available at the snack bar year round.

Kimm's Organic Potatoes - Manhattan, Montana

Yvonne and Jason Kimm own and operate Kimm’s Organic Potatoes in Manhattan, Montana, while raising a passel of kids.

Kimm's Organic Potatoes are served as a potato salad side dish to any 50-mile Grill sandwich, and baked as a side dish to any 50-mile grill entrée.

John Smith Ranch - Whitehall, Montana

John Smith Ranch bacon can be found on our bacon cheeseburger, and anywhere bacon can be added to a dish.

Trout Culture - Paradise Valley, Montana

Trout Culture raises world-class trout in natural environments around Southwest Montana. Trout Culture is dedicated to sustainable aquaculture, fine food, and the preservation of wild fisheries in the American West.

Their fish is featured in our Rainbow Trout entree at the 50 Mile Grill.

Willow Spring Ranch - Belgrade, Montana

Owned and operated by Katy and Richard Harjes, Willow Spring Ranch raises certified organic, grass fed and finished Icelandic lamb at the base of the Bridger mountains. Katy and Richard are devoted to managing their land sustainably and giving their lambs low stress, high quality lives.

We use Willow Spring Ranch meat in our lamb skewers available at the 50 Mile Grill.

Yellowstone Beef - Columbus, Montana

Yellowstone Grassfed Beef is a partnership of real ranches where rural people grow really good all natural, grass fed beef. You can rest assured that the beef you eat in our dishes is good for you, good for the land, and raised in a caring, sustainable manner.

Their delicious grass-fed beef can be found in our beef quesadilla, beef burrito, tacos, super nachos, and flat iron steak.

Madison River Brewing Company - Belgrade, Montana

Madison River's beers have developed an impressive following for one simple reason: they taste great. Try out one of their delicious varieties we have on tap, including Hopper Pale Ale, Salmon Fly Honey Rye & "Maddy Light."

Kettlehouse Brewing Company - Missoula, Montana

The Kettlehouse mission is to strive for better, cooler times in the quality of their beer and their lives.They handcraft high quality premium beers and produce and package them in environmentally sensitive ways, to grow a community of beer drinkers and thinkers than can help cool our warming world. We are proud to offer their delicious Cold Smoke Scotch Ale on tap at our No Loose Dogs Saloon.

Ten Spoon Vineyard & Winery - Missoula, Montana

Ten Spoon Vineyard strives to grow and produce top quality wines, free of synthetic chemicals, preserve open space for wildlife, agriculture, people, and companion animals, and to build a strong community around wine making in Montana. Try a glass of their Paradise Pear fruit wine on your next visit.

Gallatin Valley Botanicals - Bozeman, Montana

We get all of the starter plants for our garden from Gallatin Valley Botanicals, a small farm in Bozeman, Montana, dedicated to the sustainable production of high quality produce. Matt & Jacy started their farm with a shared love of each other, the earth, and eating well, and have been providing beautiful fresh produce to the surrounding community since 2003.

Lifeline Farm - Victor, Montana

Lifeline Farm began in 1978 with the goal of producing nutritious, organic and biodynamic food to nourish people in their community and throughout the US. Lifeline cheese is made from the milk of a their herd of Brown Swiss cows pastured in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana. We use their delicious, certified organic mozzarella on our much loved organic pizzas.