Enhanced safety protocols for groups of 50 - Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
Private parties for 10 or fewer - Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. HOURS & DETAILS BELOW


Our mission is to benefit the health of the community by protecting our land's resources while harnessing the hot springs' potential to heat public spaces, enhance local food production, and provide a safe, relaxing soak in all of Montana's seasons.


The 'Water of the Gods' is a series of artesian springs, flowing at a constant rate of 60 gallons per minute and an average temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Locally milled fir planks have been laid directly over the source to create our unique 30' x 40' pool.

Our simple sprayer system creates the perfect soak by circulating the spring water and cooling the pool to a pleasant temperature below 100 degrees in the summer, and as warm as 106 in the winter.

The pool holds over 38,000 gallons of fresh, hot mineral water, which is drained every night to allow it to refill with fresh, hot water over the course of 8 hours. The pool is drained and pressure washed once a week, with no chemicals of any kind used to clean the water or planks.

The overflow and drainage from the pool is diverted through the neighboring wetlands to follow its natural course, flowing five miles east through the canyon where it joins the mighty Madison River at the aptly named and wildly popular Warm Springs Recreation Area.